The Withings Wi-Fi Scale Tracks Your Weight, Fat, Fitness, And Diet

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You probably don’t need a scale to remind you that you’ve packed on a few pounds since becoming a dad. (That’s what your precocious kids are for.) But what if your scale didn’t just tell you that you’ve been eating too many donuts (you have) but actually helped you lose the dad bod? Oh hey, Withings Wi-Fi body scale.

Essentially a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled bathroom scale that syncs to a smartphone app, the Body (no relation to Jesse Ventura) doesn’t just tell you how overweight you are, it tells you how the weight is distributed by measuring pounds, fat, muscle, water weight, and bone mass. It does this using 4 sensors and a “patented body position detector” to ensure the most accurate readings. The data is displayed on the scale screen along with the weather forecast — because it’s cloudy, and you’re a meatball. It even locks in the number of steps you took the previous day if you paired your device with the free in-app step tracker. Not that you needed extra motivation.

How exactly does all this help you lose the weight? It plays the role of nutritionist, personal trainer, and shame bot. Once the data syncs with the app, you can follow trends (it charts your last 8 weigh-ins) for encouragement. Log meals and track what you’re eating. Calculate a calorie budget based on a target weight. Set specific goals where you get rewards other than an extra schoop of whey. It plays nicely with your favorite food (MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Weight Watcher) and exercise (Runkeeper, Runtastic and MapMyRun) apps.

Withings Body Smart Scale
The device itself is sleek, topped with tempered glass, and available in either black and white. It runs 18 months on one set of 4 AAA batteries, comes with “free and unlimited online storage of weight readings.” It can also record/track stats for up to 8 family members. Except your wife, who is the exact same weight as the day you met her.
Withings Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale ($129)

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