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Baby Registries: What to Register For Baby

Don’t know what to register for baby? Back in the old days (like, 2002-ish) you’d register for a bunch of baby crap on the same two stores, and six months later you’d have a pile of primary-colored baby crap taking up all the space you had allotted for the kid. Nowadays, things are different. You’ll still need an addition to your house for the mounds of baby products you’re about to accumulate, and thanks to the internet you can specify the stylish, highly rated, non-offensive-to-the-senses baby gear of your choice from any online shop, or shift your focus from non-BPA plastic stuff to meaningful gifts like charitable donations. Here are four alternative registries that won’t force your buddies into a nice little Saturday at the big box stores.

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My Registry

My Registry -- baby registriesAdd anything from any retailer to your baby registry, sync an existing registry from any of the typical players, or start a wishlist for yourself. Otherwise, your relatives might see through your request for a nursery streaming media player, aka PlayStation. You can also set up a cash gift fund, which is way more tasteful than panhandling with a chart outlining the quarter-million you’re about to spend over the next 17 years.

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BabylistBabylist -- baby registries

Anything from any store can be added to this baby registry, as can stuff that’s normally only available from Nana, like a home-cooked lasagna or a night of babysitting. You can request aid with chores that are surprisingly impossible to do with a baby, like dog walking and house cleaning, or literally beg your loved ones, “Please help me …” and fill in whatever you need. Or leave it blank as a frantic cry for help.

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Wishpot -- baby registriesWishpot makes it easy to register for anything from anywhere, including cash and college funds, and quickly share your baby registry with friends — both real-life ones and people on Facebook you haven’t seen in 15 years but who’ll maybe throw you a bone. They have some cool features like browser plugins, price alerts, and a rotating crop of expert recommendations.

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SoKind -- baby registryWith a motto of “More fun, less stuff,” SoKind encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, services, and the thing you truly need most once your kid arrives: time. Who needs more toys, anyway? Remember, nothing makes people want to give you gifts more than reminding them how morally superior you are.

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