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This Portable Microwave Makes Sure Everyone Is Fed Even If The Campfire Is Rained Out

If Bear Grylls had one of these, you can be damned sure he wouldn’t be eating moose penis in the Canadian tundra. Or at least he wouldn’t be eating cold moose penis. The WAYV Adventurer is the portable microwave that you didn’t know was possible, but seems like a pretty good idea, especially if you’re doing some family camping or going on a road trip where fires aren’t allowed, the weather isn’t cooperating, and the kids aren’t psyched about eating gorp for every meal.

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Inside the WAYV Adventurer is 200-watts of rechargeable microwave power that can heat up to 16 ozs of food or drink — that’s more than enough mac and cheese to go around. It also weighs a little over 2.5 pounds, which is a small fraction of the crap that’s already in your hiking pack. And one lithium-ion battery charge can be used for 30 minutes of cook time. Charge it in your vehicle if you’re car camping, or use portable solar panels (sold separately) if you need power in the wild.

Wayv Adventurer Portable Microwave

For those grumbling that microwave ovens don’t scream “getting back to nature,” consider the fact that this creates zero emissions or … you know what? You try lugging the WAYV Adventurer on your back for six miles before bedding down — what’s wrong with wanting some ramen noodles in three minutes instead of 30 and with no splinters?

The Adventurer won’t be ready to ship until early 2017, so in the meantime, you can figure out how to set up the tent.

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