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The Velocifero MAD Is A Rugged Electric Scooter Built To Go Off-Road

Maybe you were one of those guys who, before having kids and moving out of the city, commuted to work on a Razor scooter. Maybe you rode an electric bike, or a Vespa, or a skateboard. Who knows. And maybe now you drive a Toyota Yaris. (Sensible.) But just because you can’t strap a car seat to the back of your old longboard doesn’t mean can’t still let the wind blow through your helmet on the weekends. Especially if you own this badass off-road scooter.

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Velocifero/MotoTec MAD Off-Road Scooter

Seriously, look at that beast. The rugged Velocifero MAD (MotoTec MAD in the U.S.) is billed as a “cross between a mini-scooter and an electric bike” that, thanks to giant oversized tires, can veer well off your manicured suburban street. (You got trails near the house, right?) The frame is steel, the angled footrest/deck bamboo, the transmission chain, and the front/read brakes disc. Also, it has working headlights. The Velocifero MAD weighs just north of 100 pounds but can hold a rider three times that, sitting or standing. That rider just needs to be 13-and-up (sorry, Junior, not yet), at least that’s what they recommend.

Velocifero/MotoTec MAD Off-Road Scooter

In terms of what’s under the hood of the Velocifero MAD: The 48V motor is available in five versions, ranging in power from 500 to 1600 watts. There’s also a choice of either lead-acid or lithium-ion battery, which can be charged in 4-to-8 hours and can take you as far as 35 miles away from the house (should you require a respite from the kids that your backyard shed isn’t providing). Or, if you’d rather take it way up in the hills, it folds flat so you can pack it up ⏤ you, know, just like your old Razor scooter when you got to the office.

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