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Most Of Your Back Problems Are Because Of Bad Posture And This Gizmo Can Fix It

Take it from an expert: your back doesn’t kill you all day long because of all the kid carrying. It’s because your posture sucks. And, while you should still learn to carry the kid correctly (like a proper neanderthal), you only have two options in the fight against DadBack. Option one is the UPRIGHT Posture trainer, which is a small piece of wearable tech that sticks to your back, learns your posture, and nudges you to straighten the hell up when you’re slouching. Option two is having your partner slap you every time you slouch.

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The 5-inch plastic UPRIGHT Posture trainer module promises to improve posture after just 2-3 weeks of wearing it, starting with just 15 minutes a day and gradually increasing. In addition to those buzzing reminders, it syncs with a companion app for iOS and Android smartphones that illustrates your progress with real-time analytics and offers a flexible personal posture and strength training routine. Those last between 15 and 60 minutes, so if you have time for an afternoon latté, you have time to keep yourself from looking like Quasimodo.

upright posture trainer

Between your new UPRIGHT trainer and these simple stretches and exercises you’re already (hopefully) following, you’ll start to feel Kelly Starrett-level qualified to dole out DadFit advice to your hunching coworkers. You won’t be, but you’ll feel like you are.

upright posture trainer

The system is basically a cross between Google Glass and your nagging mother, except it’s not nearly as embarrassing as being seen in public with either of those.

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