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Turn Your Kid’s Screen Time Into Personalized Kindergarten Prep With This App

Kidaptive, makers of the highly-praised educational app for preschoolers, Leo’s Pad, has just released an app designed to help parents ensure that Leo’s Pad keeps teaching kids long after you’ve blown the daily screen time whistle.

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Learner Mosaic assess your kid’s development based on how they do within Leo’s Pad‘s 75 “early learning dimensions” — things like categorization, spatial memory, growth mindset, emotional self-regulation, problem-solving, self-expression, etc. The app then provides researched-backed insights and activity recommendations specific to their strengths and weaknesses. The result is a data-driven “learning map” and a practical plan of action for how to engage your kid outside the app environment (you know, that “real world” you’ve been telling them so much about).

learner mosaic kidaptive

The app even allows you to enter your own offline observations of how Junior’s doing with things like pencil holding or socializing with other kids, and it will synthesize that with the existing data and recommendations. It’s basically like having a preschool teacher in your pocket, right down to the part where it notifies you of milestones reached. About the only thing it can’t do is let you know when your kid is eating paste.

Learner Mosaic by Kidaptive: Free (iOS)
Ages: 3-5

learner mosaic kidaptive