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This Upgraded Toyota Land Cruiser Is Ready to Face the Apocalypse

The Patriot Campers LC79 Supertourer was built for the Australian Outback, so it can handle even the most extreme camping trip.

The Australian Outback has some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world. Its vast arid stretches make it difficult to traverse in anything but the most well-equipped vehicle. Patriot Campers is an Australian-based company that specializes in off-road campers and SUVS for just this task. Their creations are rugged and kitted out to the extreme. The company has recently gotten into the modification business and recently unveiled, the LC79 Supertourer. A Toyota Land Cruiser fitted with everything from extra suspension to sleeping quarters, it’s an apocalypse-ready SUV that seems plucked out of Mad Max.

Made from a 4.5L V8 Twin Turbo-Diesel 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, the Supertourer has been tweaked, stretched, lifted, and powered up to handle nearly any off-road situation. It has the Land Cruiser’s V8 turbo diesel engine but, thanks to available suspension upgrades, it supports more than 8,300 pounds. The extended chassis evenly disperses the load so it won’t pull an accidental wheelie if you load it up. There are side toolboxes and a sliding drawer in the rear bumper that make it easy to securely store your stuff. Meanwhile, there’s a kitchenette, water tank, and electric pump come standard. It also features a nice matte black finish that complements the oversized headlights and fat, Mickey Thompson tires.

These upgrades alone makes the Supertourer pretty good for apocalyptic scenarios. But nothing about this extreme vehicle is left to be “pretty good.” Because every Supertourer is made to order, there are a ton of custom options available.

Customers can add such sensible upgrades as an extra light bar and more comfortable seats. But there are much more extreme add-ons available, such as a popup tent that goes on top of the cab, front and rear winches, and a mini canopy with refrigerator and food storage. With the right combination of options, the Supertourer can be your home far, far away from home.

You can learn more here.

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