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Make Homemade Pancakes Better With This Awesome Pancake Pen

Step up your game.

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Listen, I’m no pancake Picasso. I don’t wake up every morning dreaming of new battered breakfast creations, nor do I have the time or inclination, really, to perfect my puppy dog chocolate chip pancakes or short stack of Super Mario characters. Its just not in me to bust out such twee-ness in the wee hours of the morning. Doubly so now that pancake-fluencers are so popular. I do, however, love pancakes. And, I think, I can go batter-to-batter with just about any other maker. My preferred style of chewy, syrupy orb is thinner than a standard flapjack. And the Tovolo Pancake Pen, which is intended for pancake art but is excellent as doling out the proper amount of batter, is an excellent pancake making tool.

Basically, a BPA-free squeeze bottle that holds three cups of pancake batter, the Tovolo Pancake Pen has a flip-top and an easy-dispense silicone spout. You fill it with batter — or shake up batter in it — and squirt it out into the pan. When it comes to making thinner orbs, the squirt method of pancake prep is far superior to the ladling method, as you’re able to more precisely arrange your batter. That makes all the difference. Also: it’s way less messy.

The clear container makes it easy to store, shake, and squirt out pancake batter with optimal control

Yes, the Pancake Pen, as its name suggests, is meant for artistic creations. It offers control for anyone who wants to make shapes or spell names or create colorful, whimsical creatures and hashtag the hell out of them before they’re gobbled up. And yes, I have done some of that myself. It’s a great tool for that. The bottle has a nice grip and a good pressure so a rogue squirt is rarely in the cards. It’s precise. It also helps that the silicone squirt top is heat proof, so it won’t melt on the pan.

In short, it’s a great breakfast tool. And for anyone who wants to make pancake art, the more power to you. This is a great pancake pen for your morning art. Just don’t buy one of those ridiculous pancake printers. Then, we really can’t be friends.