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Topseat’s Tiny Hiney Potty Is the Solution to Your Potty Training Woes

It's a game-changer.

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The time of potty training is an exciting time, full of struggles, victories — and, for you, a lot of cleaning up poop. There’s lots of poop to clean with changing diapers, too, but it’s contained poop, poop that you can wrap up and throw out. No, now the poop is mobile. That little potty has to be cleaned out, and — if you’re lucky and your child actually hits their target — it needs to be cleaned often.  In the beginning, of course, you’ll want to keep a little potty on the floor to minimize travel time for your toddler. But as they get the hang of it, you’ll want that little heinie over a potty that flushes. And when that time comes, Topseat’s Tiny Hiney toilet seat is the seat you’ll want. 

There are plenty of removable toddler toilet seats out there.  You place them over the seat and set them aside when no longer in use — but they have some pitfalls. You have to worry about them moving around. You have to clean them, on top of cleaning the actual toilet, and they’re often squishy, or otherwise hard to clean (little handles, nooks and crannies, etc.). And they’re yet another thing — in addition to the bubble bath, tearless shampoo, kid’s brush, bath toys, kid’s bathrobe, stool, etc. etc. — that you need to find a spot for. No thanks.

The Tiny Hiney attaches right onto the grown-up seat, so it takes up zero space and is super-easy to clean. It also has a magnet which keeps it connected to the lid, which means you won’t lift the lid and accidentally put your big heinie on the Tiny Hiney. The magnet is also gentle enough, though, that your kid can pull down the little seat alone — even in a hurry (most hurries, at least). 

One of the most satisfying things about the Tiny Hiney is that it’s a super-sturdy, quality product, made of lacquered wood that’s much nicer than most regular toilet seats, let alone toddler ones. So, when you install the Tiny Hiney (which is very easy, by the way), you actually get a toilet upgrade for yourself — which, as potty training project manager and custodian, you totally deserve.

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