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This New Baby Changing Pad Is Engineered to Make Diaper Duty Easier

The ChéBébé Change-in-Pod has some really intriguing features that class up — and enhance — the baby-changing game.

A product that makes changing diapers fun has sadly yet to be invented. There are a growing number of product releases, however, that look to make the process a bit easier. We’re intrigued by one of them: the ChéBébé Change-in-Pod. The changing pad brings a few useful innovations to the product category and claims to make things easier on parents and safer for babies for standard changing sessions, red-alert level blowouts, and general wipe-downs.

The ChéBébé is an all-in-one changing/sponge-bath surface. It’s a large, tub-like pad on which babies can be set flat and then secured by a strap. The pad’s surface is made of a comfortable foam that wipes clean easily, and all of the compartments are removable and dishwasher safe.

The most intriguing features of the Change-in-Pod are the hidden compartments. A tray with a divider in the middle slides out underneath where your baby’s butt goes, and you can store liquids in there. The thinking is if you have a kid with sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to the chemicals in baby wipes, you can clean them up with water or a non-irritative solution that is easy to access. Another compartment is located at the foot of the pad at the bottom of the gently sloped changing surface to collect any liquids that may trickle down during a sponge bath or a particularly disastrous changing session. Smart.

The makers of ChéBébé have also gone out of their way to ensure the pad is safe. The changing surface has raised, rounded borders, rubber feet, and safety straps that are impossible to ignore. It is also free of such potentially harmful chemicals as BPA, Phthalate, lead, and latex.

The Change-in-Pod is currently available for purchase on Kickstarter. It’s scheduled to go into production this month and to ship in May of next year.

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