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We’ve Got It Bad for Kia’s New Sporty Station Wagon

They need to bring it stateside ASAP.

Kia’s on a bit of a roll lately. Last year, they debuted the Stinger sport sedan, which fired a shot across the bow of the BMW 3-Series. Now, the Korean carmaker just unveiled the Proceed Concept, a stunning new twist on the station wagon. And damn is it pretty.

Technically, the company is calling this an “extended hot hatch,” but don’t let that fool you — it’s a sporty station wagon designed in Frankfurt as a preview of the next-generation, Europe-only Kia Cee’d. For the record, Cee’d is a loose acronym standing for European Economic Community, European Designed. Translation: Made in Europe, for Europeans.

To understand why that’s such a travesty, take a deeper look at the Proceed.

Described as “an extended hot hatch that encapsulates Kia’s performance spirit,” the Proceed Concept actually has quite a few impressive design details. First, and not to get too technical, but there’s no B-Pillar. That’s the vertical structural support that you’ll generally see running between the front and rear doors. In that sense, it’s technically more of a coupe.

From the rear, it’s as beautiful as any wagon on the road today, regardless of price. The combination of rounded, flowing lines and sharp angles makes for a striking contrast that’s both elegant and sporty.

The interior is where things get a little bit hazier. The dashboard is painted to match the car’s exterior, and overall the design is incredibly sleek. Then again, given that this is a concept car, the interior is likely to change quite a bit before a production version rolls out. Still, some of the more interesting features will likely make it past the concept stage.

Scented aromas, for example, already exist in several more high-end vehicles and the Proceed Concept offers three different scents stored in the dash: leather, oil, and racing fuel. Seriously. Sure, the latter two likely won’t make the final cut, but the leather scent almost assuredly will. The interior also features backlit headlamps in red, horizontal infotainment panels, and stacked rear air vents.

While the production version probably won’t be quite as drop-dead sexy, it will still be one of the best looking wagons on the road. And that’s why Kia needs to bring it to our shores.