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This Handmade Foosball Table Will Take Your Man Cave to a New Level

The players are hand-painted. For starters.

When you’re figuring out what treasures to add to your man cave, the list includes such staples as a flat-screen to watch the playoffs, a powerful Bluetooth speaker, and of course, a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cold. But let’s say that you wind up with an extra $5,000 to spare. Might we suggest investing in the most gorgeous foosball table your money can buy.

The most glorious foosball table that (a lot of) money can buy.

This is the Lionel Messi of foosball tables. The Kylian Mbappé of foosball tables. The … well, we could go on, but you get the gist. This thing is the best in class. Period.

RS Barcelona is a family business started in 1975 in a small metal workshop. Today, the company creates gaming tables that World Cup dreams are made of. This specific foosball table somehow melds both fun and a luxurious aesthetic to create both a good time and a conversation piece. RS Barcelona is now using wood for the first time in its tables, and the benefits are obvious: The legs just look a lot more solid and bespoke, which is no surprise given that they’re made from Iroko wood — a hardwood tree found only in Africa, durable and made ready for outdoor use, if you feel like putting that out there. Not that we would. 

The table itself is made from a hardy steel with a coating and polyester paint. You get a few color options to match with your basement or bro cave aesthetic: black, green, white, and stainless steel (kind of gray to our eyes). No matter what color the room is, you’ll find an option to match it. 

The field on the table is a quality, high-pressure laminate—that ball is going to fly—and your players made of cast aluminum. They’re also each individually painted. Like we said, pretty high-end stuff. So high-end, in fact, that we can’t exactly call this the most portable foosball table: it weighs a hefty 159 pounds. So you may need a little help with the setup. Well, your buddies should put some skin in the game to play this awesome thing.

Before you take the plunge (and we do encourage you to) make sure it’s the right fit. The table is about 51 inches wide and 60 inches long, so measure up your area. You can forget about buyer’s regret, after all: all sales are final. Sorry—but we don’t think you’ll be sorry.

So if you’re ready to take your game den, basement, man cave, or even your backyard barbecues up a notch or five, invest in one of these tables that’ll last a lifetime and never stop being fun. If Messi ever stops by when he’s done counting his millions, even he’d approve. 

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