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‘This Book Is A Camera’ Is A Book That’s Also A Camera (Seriously)

You want to teach your kids not to judge books by their covers, but you can go ahead and make an exception when the cover says This Book Is A Camera. Kelli Anderson’s title is simultaneously intriguing and bewildering, and that’s sort of the point. Well, that and teaching kids how they can make amazing things with only simple materials and a basic understanding of the natural forces around them.

As soon as you open the book, you’ll notice 2 things: First, a freaking working camera pops up, no assembly required. Second, there’s a detailed scientific explanation of how the whole thing works — all the stuff you could have explained to your kid if you hadn’t spent high school photography class making out in the darkroom. The book is an ingenious blend of design and function, which combine to create a pinhole camera. Those have been around since the 1800s, but given that kids these days practically live stream their own births on Periscope, they should be interested enough to at least play around with the included starter pack of photo paper.

Or maybe they’ll get well and truly inspired and build their own. The book is still taking pre-orders and is expected to ship at the end of February — just enough time to practice for the next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, which, yes, is a real thing. After everything you just read, are you really going to act surprised?

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