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This $70 Attachment Transformed My Single Stroller Into a Two-Kid Ride

The Lascal BuggyBoard turns almost any stroller into a ride for two.

Getting our first son from place to place was a piece of cake. Our car seat fits into our stroller. Our stroller fits in our car. That was all we needed. It wasn’t until child two came along that things got complicated. Unwilling to drop hundreds of dollars on a fancy tandem stroller, we were left trying to navigate the mall with both a newborn and toddler in tow, and it didn’t go well. Our son was too slow to walk, too heavy to carry the entire time. We needed a way to keep our oldest moving at the same speed as his little brother. Then we discovered the Lascal BuggyBoard, essentially a $70 skateboard that attaches to the back of the stroller and lets him ride Marty McFly-style, we knew we were onto something.

Designed to fit nearly every stroller on the market, the Lascal attaches using adjustable arms/clips and setting it up on our Quinny was fairly easy ⏤ it fit without hassle. My son was hesitant to ride at first, but once I explained that it was basically a skateboard he was completely on board. (Ironically, Quinny actually makes a legit longboard stroller.) He could hop on and off himself and check in on his little brother, which kept him more involved. Even better, we felt less pressured to hurry him along while we were trying to run errands and didn’t have to split up ⏤ one child, one parent ⏤ or get frustrated when walking as a family.

While using the buggy board is as easy as, well, pushing your stroller, you do have to hold your arms out a little more so as to avoid the toddler now standing/riding in front of you. It isn’t that big a deal but does take some getting used to. And, as the company points out, it provides added security for your child as you have arms on both sides of them. The system is also a bit cumbersome when it comes to storing the stroller. There’s an attachment to lift the Buggy Board when not in use, but we usually just end up removing it entirely to make everything lighter and less clumsy.

All in all, we love our little tag along stroller board. Not only does it solve a big issue, and in a fun way for our kid, but it does so at a fraction of the cost of buying a bulkier, more expensive double stroller. And that’s something I can get behind.

Buy Now $70

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