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These New Tile Stickers Are The Easiest Way to Track Your Stuff

And if you buy a $100 8-pack you get a Google Nest Mini free. What's not to love?

It’s impossible to know how many wallets and sets of keys Tile Bluetooth trackers have saved since the company launched in 2012, so we’ll just estimate that it’s a… lot. By the look of the new Tile sticker, that number is only going to go up.

Previous Tile devices looked like, well, Tiles. The Sticker is different. It’s round instead of square or rectangular, and at just 27 mm in diameter, it’s the smallest tracker Tile has ever made, even if its 7.3 mm height means it’s a bit thicker than the Mate, Mate Pro, and Slim. It’s also waterproof, which makes it great for parents with kids who make messes everywhere.

As its name suggests, the Sticker comes with a strong adhesive back that can stick to most metal and plastic surfaces. On the front, there’s a button that you can double-tap to make your phone beep, even if it’s in silent mode. And while the Sticker has a range of 150 feet, it doesn’t have to be your phone that’s close by. The Community Find feature makes it so that any Tile user coming within 150 feet of your Sticker will register its presence and alert you to its location through the app.

These tiny trackers make it easy to keep track of the important items in your life, and the newly updated smart speaker makes this deal a no-brainer.

Speaking of the app, you can label your Tiles and use your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices to find them by name. “Hey Google, ask Tile to find the remote” could be the difference between scrambling to turn on the TV before kickoff and having time to fix yourself a gameday snack.

A two-pack of Tile Stickers retails for $39.99, a four-pack is $59.99 (down from $79.98), but the best deal is the eight-pack for $99.99. Marked down from $159.96, the $12.50 per tracker cost is hard to pass up even before you learn that it comes with a Google Nest Mini.

That’s the compact smart speaker from Google, a model that sounds much better than its previous iteration while carrying the same $49 price tag and incredibly handy Google Assistant on board. But if you’re getting it for free with this deal, then who the hell cares how much it normally costs?

The bottom line? Anyone who misplaces stuff can use these tiny trackers, and the chance to get eight of them on the cheap along with a recently updated smart home speaker makes this a chance you’ll want to lose even less than your wallet.

This story was produced in partnership between Fatherly and Tile. If you click a link on this page and buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.