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This All-Terrain Baby Wagon Looks Like It Could Roll Through the End of Times

The fun of a wagon, the safety of a stroller.

What do you get when a sexy, high-end double stroller rolls behind the bleachers with a rugged, all-terrain wagon? Other than the weird image of two inanimate objects mating? The answer the Veer Cruiser: a foldable “crossover” stroller-wagon that marries the best of both vehicles.

The idea behind the Cruiser is simple: Blend the fun of a wagon with the safety and steering of a stroller. It would appear, at first glance, that the company’s mission’s been accomplished. The rugged Cruiser looks like it could easily haul kids across sand dunes as it does through an airport terminal.

The Veer’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame measures 37-inches by 20-inches by 25-inches, weighs 32.5 pounds, and can hold two kids up to age 5-years-old (or 150 pounds) in dual, folding seats with 3-point harnesses. Or, one kid in the seat and a baby in an attached infant car seat (it comes with a locking adapter). Or, just the baby under a collapsible sun canopy; the Cruiser converts to a JPMA-certified bassinet. Or, no kids and all your beach gear ⏤ it is, after all, still a wagon.

veer cruiser

The Cruiser rocks 100 percent polyurethane (so, airless) tires, front swivel wheels, and a suspension system that can tackle the toughest terrain. Its ergonomic handle bars telescope so you can switch between tall and short drivers and the one-touch brake ensures that the kids don’t go rolling down the street without you. As for driving this bad boy, it can be both pushed like a stroller, pulled like a wagon, or, thanks to said swiveling wheels and handlebar, steering from alongside.

And when not shuttling kids or gear about town, everything ⏤ the soft-sided walls, the seats, the handlebars ⏤ folds down for easy packing in the SUV or garage. With one hand, mind you. Also, the wheels come off, and it stands upright to save even more space. In terms of bells and whistles, the Cruiser comes with two cupholders (and room for four more), a removable snack and drink tray that fits between the two kids so they can play Bridge while you drive, and storage space underneath. It’s currently available for pre-order and ships next month.

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