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Watch This Bike Transform Into A Stroller In Less Time Than It Took You To Read This

If you’re still bummed you can’t cruise with Junior on the as-awesome-as-it-sounds Longboardstroller because you don’t live in Europe (‘Land Of The Free’ your foot), perhaps the coolest kid carrier on 3 wheels will provide some consolation. Inspired by Dutch cargo bikes, Taga calls itself “the most inspiring mode of transportation since the hot air balloon,” either to continue the Dutch theme or because they’ve never seen, like, a plane. Regardless, it’s a choice ride for you and your kid.

First, the 3-wheeled design and advanced disk braking system ensures the utmost stability and control, even if you don’t know how to ride a bike. (Although, you might want to get on that. Hop on a balance bike — you and the kid can learn together.) Unlike the Longboardstroller guys, Taga knew you’d want one, so it made sure the bikes exceed the strictest bicycle and stroller safety standards for Europe, Australia, and yes, the U.S.

What truly sets Taga apart, though, is the Transformers-like ease with which you can toggle from bike mode to stroller mode in less than 20 seconds. That means you never have to leave it outside where it could be stolen or worry about how you’re going to fit it in your car. And with the help of modular accessories like rain canopies, second seats, car seat adapters, and cargo baskets, you can use it with newborns, pairs, kids up to 6 years old, or just for hauling groceries. So, instead of collecting dust and taking up space like the rest of your stroller collection, Taga remains usable long after the kids have moved on to their own bikes. Which will probably be just in time for the Longboardstroller to finally make it Stateside.

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