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The Smartduvet Is A Device That Makes The Bed For You

If there’s one activity that probably fell by the wayside once you had a kid, it was having sex. Also, sleeping. But if there was another, it was making the bed that you didn’t just sleep/have sex in. Who has time for that?! Because there’s already this guide to getting your love life back on track after kids, here’s a device that makes the bed for you.

The Smartduvet is an inflatable sheet that fits inside your duvet cover and, when filled with air, folds your blanket back into a flat position. In action, it looks like your bed is coming to life like an inflatable lawn Gumby, and it will absolutely terrify your kids the first time they see it (After that, they’ll laugh hilariously and request that you make the bed a hundred times in a row). The sheet is made of a “space-aged fabric” so light you can’t tell it’s there while you sleep, works with any of your many duvets and covers, and is controlled by an air pump under the bed that syncs to a smartphone app (where you schedule your daily bed-making activities).

Before the skeptic in you blurts out, “But wait, it’s really only straightening the comforter, not making entire bed!”, slow your roll a sec: It also rocks a “smart attachment system” that locks the sheets (both top and fitted) to the duvet/cover at the corners. So while, no, it doesn’t tuck the edges hotel-style or anything, it also doesn’t just gently place the blanket atop a pile of rumpled sheets before calling it a day and sifting through your luggage.

Smart Duvet Self-Making Bed
Even more impressive, at least to anybody who’s ever experienced the hell of trying to put a duvet into a freshly laundered cover, SD boasts a “duvet placement mode” which ensures your quilt fits snuggly into the corners without your having to stand on top of the bed shaking (and/or furiously punching) it in frustration. Possibly worth the price of admission in its own right.

Assuming you don’t own a duvet or even really know what one is, don’t worry, they also sell a full bundle complete with quilt, cover, and the all the parts needed to coax that duvet into making itself. Now, if only they can figure out a way to get it to work with the Cover Clamp.

Buy Now $199