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Deal Alert: Shark Is Knocking $90 Off Their Alexa-Enabled Robot Vacuum Today

Those Cheerios crumbs can't sweep themselves; but this can do it for you.

Every meal with a toddler ends in the same way: With mom or dad on the floor sweeping up food. And while keeping a broom or handy vac close helps, there is an easier way ⏤ it’s called setting a robot vacuum loose in the joint. Unfortunately, that convenience doesn’t come cheap; robot vacs are expensive. Which is why today’s one-day Shark sale on Amazon is worth a look. The company is unloading its ION 750 Remote Vacuum with voice (and app) control for only $260, or $90 off list. The same model is currently available at Best Buy for $350 and Bed, Bath and Beyond for $380.

The beauty of the wifi-enabled Ion 750 is that you can tell it to get to work using either the smartphone app or a simple voice command ⏤ it’s compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. It also boasts smart sensor navigation so it won’t run over the cat, low-profile design so it slides under the couch, and it will run for over an hour on a single charge if you have a huge house/messy kids. And speaking of mess, it uses two spinning side brushes suck in dirt from corners and edges.

Right now, the Ion 750 has a solid four-star rating on 490 Amazon reviews with commenters singing its praises and noting it offers “Roomba quality at much lower price.” Which, again, is even lower today at 25 percent off.

Buy Now $260