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The Neck Pillow For Those Who Are So Tired, They No Longer Give A Damn

Ostrich Pillow


Show your empathy for your fellow dads’ exhaustion the silliest way possible: with the Ostrich Pillow, a fluffy, portable rig whose goofiness won’t shame men who regularly

walk around with partially digested peas on their shirts.They’ve just released a lighter model, so they’ll be able to catch Z’s at the office, a park bench, or even while riding our city’s fine mass transit system — because one of most liberating perks of fatherhood is just not caring if you look like the craziest person on the subway.

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Fatherly IQ
  1. When selecting games to play with your child, the most important criteria is:
    It's fun. You'll laugh together
    It teaches kids how to follow rules
    It teaches hard skills like counting, matching, reading
    It teaches softer skills like empathy, cooperation, listening
    It brings the kid in on a family tradition
    None of the above
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> From the Annals of Pillow Innovation: the Armadillo recognizes you’re both tired and that it should be you and your not arm that falls asleep.