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The Ridiculous (And Ridiculously Awesome) Power Wheels ‘Wild Thing’ Is Currently On Sale

Toys 'R' Us is knocking $40 off the 'Wild Thing.'

Not every kid wants to cruise the cul-de-sac in a pint-sized sports car. Perhaps they’d prefer something more modest. Or maybe, they don’t want a car at all but a Power Wheels thrill vehicle so badass it’s known as the Wild Thing. If that’s your kid, then you’re in luck ⏤ Toys ‘R’ Us is currently knocking a hefty $40 off of them for the holidays.

Essentially a 12-volt Ride-on that looks like the cockpit of a jet fighter strapped onto two all-terrain tires, the Wild Thing doesn’t have a body or steering wheel. Rather, kids ages five to 10 who weigh no more than 100 pounds sit in the extra-wide seat (belt fastened, of course) and whirl around at up to 5mph using two joysticks as controls. It goes in forward and reverse, and spins 360 degrees. For safety, it’s got off-road traction control and includes four parent-controlled speed settings under the seat. Naturally, kids should also be we wearing a helmet.

It also gets rave reviews (as in 4.5 stars), and 94 percent of Toys ‘R’ Us commenters recommend it to a friend. “This thing is awesome! My six year old LOVES it!” reads one, “It didn’t take him very long to get the hang of it, and it’s great training for the riding lawnmower.” Adds another: “The kids love it. And every child in the park couldn’t stop staring!”

Admittedly, the Wild Thing still isn’t cheap at $240 but, hey, not every kid wants to drive a miniature Audi.

Buy Now $280