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The Kitchen Safe Is A Timeout Corner For Your Bad Habits

The Counting Crow’s Adam Duritz once sang, “How am I going to keep myself away from me?” But that was before the Kitchen Safe ($49)was invented. This jar’s lid features a time-activated lock that keeps vices out of reach for up to 10 days. Whatever the temptation in question — cookies, your cell phone, some scissors (in Duritz’s case) — the Kitchen Safe removes it from your personal equation.

The safe features sound product design (once it’s locked, it’s locked — there’s no override) and even sounder psychology. Researcher have identified a phenomenon called “ego depletion,” which suggests willpower is like battery power and depletes the more it’s used. One study at Case Western University found people who resisted chocolates were more inclined to give up on a difficult puzzle task. Another study at the University of Cambridge proved that “pre-commitment,” the voluntary restriction of access to temptation, is a more effective means of self-control than willpower.

All this shrink-speak means that the Kitchen Safe is a great way to focus on what you need most by temporarily forgetting the temptation you need least. Think of it as a soundproof box where you drop your boss for a few hours when you get home from work.

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