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The Grandview Barrel Sauna Is Your New Backyard Oasis

Try as you might, you and your partner can’t spend every night after the kid goes down watching old episodes of Parks and Rec on Hulu. It’s funny, sure, but it’s going to get old. You need to find another way to relax. And since studies say you’re probably not going to have sex (sorry), maybe you should consider installing a giant sauna in your backyard instead?

Assuming this sounds like a pleasant idea, the Grandview from Almost Heaven is a 12-foot barrel sauna that you can easily put together with a buddy, a few hand tools, and a couple of cold beers from your refrigerated coffee table. It comes in one of 3 woods (Nordic Spruce, Hemlock Fir, and an addictively aromatic Red Cedar that also ages beautifully, by the way), and its cylindrical shape is designed to circulate the heat like a rotisserie — only you’re the meat!

Obviously, you can stand up inside and depending on the model you select, it can seat anywhere from 2 to 8 people. For a little extra cash, you can also get a functional porch. In terms of heat, it comes standard with an 8kw electric heater that gets the room up to 195F in about an hour, or you can go ultra-traditional and roll in a wood-burning stove with a glass door. Added benefit here: You can chill out to a view of hypnotic burning coals. When you’re not checking the baby monitor, of course.

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna Canopy

In terms of details, you’ll be happy to know that Almost Heaven definitely sweats them. There’s no metal hardware inside to burn your skin, the glass door is tempered, and there’s an auto shut-off feature for safety, in case you nod off. The door and back end come pre-assembled (as mentioned, you screw it all together), and all told, the cheapest model runs about the same amount as a thousand months of Hulu! Okay, so maybe another night of Leslie Knope isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Buy Now $8,299