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This Battery-Powered Travel Mug Brews Coffee On The Go

For all the virtues of your beloved Keurig coffee maker, you have to admit that it’s not without a few drawbacks. Namely, the damn thing won’t fit in your backpack. Or in your messenger bag. And it most certainly won’t brew a lifesaving cup of coffee on a nature hike. But this thing will.

The GoJoe smart coffee mug is an insulated, battery-powered travel mug that brews a single cup of coffee by pressing a button. Use it in the car, on the trail, or just when you’re too lazy to walk across the office to the kitchenette. Insert the coffee pod into the mesh filter, pour in 10 ounces of water, and hit the button (once for 140 degrees, twice for 160 degrees). Stand back and let the integrated motherboard and copper heating coils do their thing. It takes between 4-to-8 minutes to brew. When the light goes off, it’s time to get it on. You can also leave the pod in for a stronger brew or remove to add cream and sugar.

The GoJoe Smart Coffee Mug

The whole coffee mug weighs 1.7 pounds (so, heavier than a mug) and stands about 10-inches tall with the battery attached (7-inches with the battery off) And that’s the big drawback: GoJoe only gets a single brew per charge and takes 45 minutes to reload. It’s fine if you’re riding solo, but not great much when wife is glaring at you as you take each hot delicious sip. Sure, you can buy extra batteries for about $50 a pop — but by that point just get a damn coffee maker.

The GoJoe Smart Coffee Mug

The coffee itself is also pretty smart. It’s packaged in eco-friendly, bio-degradable pods and sold in a one month supply (32 pods) for $25. Or, you can sign up for their $20 subscription service and a new box will show up on your doorstep monthly. Bottom line: it’s expensive tech, but a better on-the-go solution than putting the Keurig in your diaper bag.

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