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This Mug Maintains The Perfect Temperature For Your Coffee All Damn Day

One of the cruel ironies of fatherhood is the inversely proportionate relationship between the amount of coffee required to function and the amount of time available to enjoy it. For every cup poured there’s a fire that requires putting out, and none of them keep your coffee warm after you’ve put it down to spring into action. There are precious few occasions to have your coffee and heat it too. Until now.

The uber coffee snobs at Ember have collaborated with product design firm Ammunition to create what’s possibly the perfect mug, and definitely the most “first world problems” product ever. It uses advanced thermal technology to heat your coffee (fine, fine, or tea) to the perfect, preset-by-you, never-cold-and-depressing-or-microwave-reheated-liquid-hot-magma temperature — and keep it there for up to two hours on the go, or all day on its charging coaster.

Additionally, its lid has a push-to-open mechanism to prevent spills and a 360-degree design to let you drink from any side. A capacitive power button turns it on and activates the simple light-up display, and a single dial at the base adjusts the temperature. It’s all operable via a connected smartphone app, because of course you need an alert to tell you when you’re ready to enjoy the optimal “drinking experience.”

ember smart coffee mug

And yet, a coffee mug that keeps your drink eternally hot for the price of 75 hot Dunkin Donuts coffees (that’s $150, if you’re wondering) probably sounds pretty great right about now if you ran off to tend to 12 different things between the first paragraph and this one. Of course, like all great parenting products, Ember is in the process of being crowdfunded, which means — as awesome as it sounds — you’re going to have to wait a bit before you can appreciate it. You know, sort of like your bathroom.

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