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The Cover Clamp Keeps Your Partner From Stealing The Sheets

If you frequently wake up shivering at 2 AM covered by little more than a tiny corner of the bed sheet then you know how frustrating it can be to share a bed with a cover crook. There’s a reason 23 percent of couples sleep in different beds. You also know how hard it can be to combat their blanket burglary, especially if you don’t have this device to lock it down.

You might think the Cover Clamp looks like a MacGyvered pair of jumper cables, mostly because it does. But it’s actually a heavy duty 2-inch spring clamp padded with a ‘sticky’ rubber guard, which will hold blankets/sheets in place no matter how hard your partner pulls. You can tuck the attached grip pad under the mattress, where your body weight will keep it in place. Or, you can tether it directly to the bed frame. Honestly, you have to gauge the level of cover security you need (this used to be such a nice neighborhood). The Cover Clamp can purportedly withstand a pulling force of up to 50 pounds (ideal if you’re sharing a bed with Ronda Rousey) and has an easy-release side buckle so you don’t have to fully unclamp in the middle of the night to go pee.

Bed Cover Clamp
The real beauty of the Cover Clamp is that unless you and your partner are blanket burglars, you only need one. And, if they turn out to be the Danny Ocean of bedtime and can elude the clamp, you’ll get your money back. But not in a cool, complicated heist way.

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