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The Cereal Bowl Every Parent Should Own

No more soggy flakes, ever.

Of all the problems we’re facing globally, not least among them a trade war with China and the prospect of a burning planet, there is one issue that surpasses all others in my home. Finding the right cereal bowl.

I doubt I am alone. My son eats cereal for breakfast every morning. He’ll eat nothing else. However, because he’s eight and because he eats with the tenacity and speed of a napping sloth, the cereal gets soggy and turns into vaguely gray, vomit-like mush within minutes. He refuses to eat it. He winds up hungry. I wind up angry.

Yes, parents, I realize, of all the challenges we face while rearing children, soggy cereal is, in terms of importance, somewhere between sneaker-induced faux blisters and annoying clothing tags. But still. It’s a thing. And as a single mom, anything that makes the morning easier is something I wholeheartedly embrace. So, enter the Obol cereal bowl.

What makes the Obol worth your money? Well, for starters, no more whining about wet, icky cereal. That’s a win-win. It has this cool spiral slide design, which makes it easy for kids to use. They simply put the cereal in their spoon, dump it into the side with milk, and they have the perfect bite. They also can take longer to eat breakfast, which can both a good and bad thing, depending on how insane your mornings are. The bowl has deep sides to prevent spillage and it goes without saying that it’s BPA-free.

One thing to bear in mind. This is good for older kids, who have better hand-eye coordination because they do need to move the cereal to the milk and into their mouths. But other than that, this thing won’t flake out on you.

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