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The Best Luxury Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

If dad has more money than most, this is what he should drive.


So, you’ve done well for yourself. You’ve got a plump nest egg, made some savvy investments, and have a little leftover. What car, then, do you drive? The best car for wealthy guys is an open-ended exercise that will always be up for debate. A $2 million hypercar, for instance, might feature pristine engineering and parts made using only the finest unobtanium. But is it “better” than a $50,000 luxury SUV for a family that has to shuttle three kids to soccer practice, or if it doesn’t make the list of best luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs? Of course not.

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Therefore, in picking the best cars for “rich dads,” we’re making a few assumptions and setting some parameters:

  1. This is a guy who brings home almost enough bacon to fill an Arby’s commercial, but who still has to work for a living
  2. While he isn’t flashy, he knows what he wants and is willing to spend some of his hard-earned money to buy it.
  3. These luxury cars likely wouldn’t be the only car in the household but they still need to be able to fit a stroller or make the occasional grocery store run when needed.
  4. No luxury car on this list has a base price of more than $100,000, although some will likely cross that line if you pick enough options.
  5. Finally, we aren’t including luxury cars with boy-racer stripes and look-at-me paint jobs, but neither are we including the hoards of white-on-beige sedans that fill the airport rental lot.

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Simply put, these luxury cars make a statement while still being fun and more or less practical — although they can definitely let loose when the moment calls for it. Kind of like a good dad.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

Volvo V90 Cross Country -- best new luxury cars


Base Price: $55,300

Although the 316HP, the all-wheel-drive V90 CC doesn’t pretend to be a luxury sport sedan, it acquits itself quite nicely along twisting back roads. Plus, its 8.3 inches of ground clearance and the ability to wade through a foot of water make it perfect for weekend camping trips. Sleek Swedish design and Thor’s Hammer-shaped headlights give the European wagon an almost sexy presence on the road. Inside, the ergonomically designed front seats are among the most comfortable of any car on the market, regardless of price. Volvo’s semi-autonomous Pilot Assist technology is more than happy to take control of the wheel for short bursts of time, even at highway speeds. It’s standard on the V90 CC and rivals anything flashier brands like Mercedes and Tesla have on the market.

Buy Now $55,300

Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford F-150 Raptor -- best new luxury cars


Base Price: $49,250

You don’t have to be hell-bent on jumping sand dunes in the Baja 500 to want a Raptor ⏤ though owning one might persuade you to try. The luxury truck is a half a foot wider than a regular F-150, sits further from the ground, and is essentially a different vehicle everywhere except the cabin itself. The result is a truck that can conquer both the desert and your morning commute with aplomb. The 450HP twin turbo V6 is closely related to the Ford GT’s engine, and the state-of-the-art stability control system ⏤ developed specifically for this truck ⏤ is good enough to make a novice off-roader feel like a seasoned pro. And, if you’ve never experienced air conditioned seats while blasting through a desert at near triple-digit speeds, you’re missing out.

Buy Now $49,250

Porsche Panamera 4 Sport Turismo

Porsche Panamera 4 Sport Turismo -- best new luxury cars


Base Price: $96,200

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Porsche’s take on the family sedan is that you can spend $96,200 and look rich, or you can spend $230,000 and still not look like a conspicuous spender. Tick every box on the Sport Turismo’s considerable option list, and you’ll sail past virtually any budget faster than an America’s Cup yacht. But, if price really is no concern, you almost need to bring an interior decorator along to help you pick from the various color combinations.

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You can get the Panamera in the now-familiar five-door form (base price: $85,000), or spring for the all-new Sport Turismo, which is Porsche-speak for wagon. Engine options run the gamut from a 330HP six-cylinder with rear or all-wheel drive, to a 462HP hybrid, or even a 550HP turbocharged V8. All make shuttling kids to dance lessons feel a little bit more like a lap on the Nurburgring.

Buy Now $96,200

BMW M550i xDrive

BMW M550i xDrive -- best new luxury cars


Base Price: $73,400

The new M550i xDrive is probably the best-kept secret in BMW’s lineup. Far more powerful than your neighbor’s average 5er, it bridges the gap between luxury and all-out high performance. The ride won’t beat you up, as you might expect from a monster developed by BMW’s M division or AMG, but the M550i xDrive is still powered by a turbocharged V8 with 456HP. Depending on which setting you have the car in, it can coddle you in luxury like a land yacht, or tackle the twisties like a sport sedan. Technology options run the gamut from night vision to remote-control parking, and the luxury features are what you’d expect from BMW’s legendary sedan. If you have the spare change, interior customization options are vast.

Buy Now $73,400

Lexus LC

Lexus LC -- best new luxury cars


Base Price: $92,000
A few years ago, the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, was shocked to learn that many drivers considered Lexus boring. As heir to the Toyota legacy, he took it personally; the drop-dead stunning LC is a major step to rectifying that complaint. You’ll notice that the LC has just two doors. While younger children should have no trouble climbing into the back seat, you’d struggle to fit grown teenagers. Translation: no one’s crashing your date night. The bottom line is that this is a 471HP grand tourer that easily challenges mainstays like the Jaguar F-Type for the title “Most Beautiful Car You Can Buy For $100,000.” In many ways, it is today what the BMW 633 CSi was 30 years ago ⏤ a car that, in its day, was perfectly suited for dropping off Molly Ringwald at Saturday detention.

Buy Now $92,000

Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator -- best new luxury cars


Base Price: $72,055

The big Lincoln’s getting a much-needed renewal for 2018. In fact, the seats alone are almost enough to justify the $9,000 price jump over last year’s model. They’re simply incredible, and that’s before you think about their 30-way positioning and massage functions. The second and third rows fold completely flat at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for a luxury truck when it’s time for runs to the Home Depot. The star in the Navigator, though, is the tech. The headlights adjust the width of the beam based on how fast you’re going. The full-color instrument cluster is customizable and there are six USB ports, plus a wireless phone charger. If you have a boat, or a camper, there’s even a Trailer Backup Assist that helps guide you when backing into the lake.

Buy Now $72,055

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE -- best new luxury cars

Land Rover

Base Price: $49,900

Land Rover’s newest entry is the Range Rover Velar, a small-ish luxury SUV with a serious bent towards the avant-garde. The price technically starts $49,900, but in typical Land Rover fashion, you can easily add five figures to that with a few options. For a price in the mid-80s, you get a 380HP supercharged V6 and some of the best offroad tech Land Rover has on offer. The kind of luxuries you’d expect at that price are all present and accounted for, of course, but the Velar goes further by adding less. Not one but two touch screens adorn the center stack, as much to embrace technology as they are to minimize visual clutter ⏤ part of a theme of clean lines that permeates the Velar’s design philosophy.

Buy Now $49,900