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The 5 Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes on Amazon Prime

Two-day shipping FTW!

There are only five days left until Halloween. And if your kid still hasn’t picked a Halloween costume, you’re quickly approaching a point of no return. With store shelves likely to be ransacked by the weekend, you have two choices: settle for one of the bootleg leftovers that no other kid wants (and really hard-sell the virtues of a unicorn with a broken horn) or spend the weekend flexing those old summer camp crafting skills. In which case, you might as well go with matching Halloween costumes for the entire family.

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A third option, of course, is to jump online and get something in the mail STAT. And to make that option even easier, we picked out the five best last-minute Halloween costumes on Amazon Prime for under $25 that can be at your door in two days or less.

Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper -- last-minute halloween costumes

With all the buzz surrounding the release of The Last Jedi, there may very well be an entire army of Storm Troopers marching through the neighborhood this year. In which case, there’s also a pretty sweet Rey Halloween costume on sale for only $14.

Buy Now $33

Blue Crayon

blue crayon -- last-minute halloween costumes

Ordinarily, there’s no newsy hook to dressing up like a crayon, but with the heated debate over the naming of Crayola’s new blue crayon, Bluetiful, this Halloween costume feels especially relevant.

Buy Now $20-$43

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman -- last-minute halloween costume

With the movie shattering box office sales earlier this summer, Wonder Woman is poised to be this Halloween’s hottest costume. In fact, she currently sits at the top of Google Trends’ Frightgeist costume tracker. The only drawback to a kid dressing up as the Amazon Princess is that they, like the Storm Troopers, may get lost in the crowd.

Buy Now $26

Pokemon Deluxe Pikachu

Pokemon Deluxe Pikachu -- last-minute halloween costumes

Much like your decision to finally buy a pair of boat shoes, your kid will learn there’s nothing wrong with being a little late to the party with this Halloween costume. Plus, 65 million people still play Pokemon, so it’s not totally over.

Buy Now $13

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers -- last-minute halloween costumes

With this year’s debut of the Nintendo Switch and the release of the mini Super NES Classic, there’s never been a better time since the nineties to dress up like a Super Mario Brother.

Buy Now $26