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The BedJet 3 Is a Climate Control System for Your Side of the Bed

You'll never have to passive aggressively adjust the thermostat again.

Sleeping with your partner under the covers means you’re sharing not just a space but a climate. It can be impossible to find one that satisfies both parties, and different sleep temperature preferences have caused many bedroom battles between tired and cranky spouses. (What is this a freezer Sheila!?) The BedJet, a climate control system designed specifically for your bed, brilliantly solves this problem by allowing couples to heat or cool their side of the bed as they please. And the new model, The BedJet 3, has some nice updates.

The BedJet is an air circulator that slides under the foot of your bed. It has a tube that runs up to the mattress and blows fresh air between the sheets. You can also purchase an optional permeable Cloud Sheet that directly connects to the tube and provides for more even air distribution.

In addition to heating or cooling your side of the bed, the BedJet brings down the humidity under the covers, providing a more comfortable sleep situation no matter what temperature you prefer. You can also program your sex, age and body type into the BedJet app to create a personalized sleep temperature profile that will adjust throughout the night to support falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed.

The BedJet 3 is currently going through the Kickstarter process, and its attracting new funders with a slew of new features. It will come with a redesigned app that connects to and controls the BedJet via Bluetooth or an updated remote control with a color screen and increased functionality. Alexa support is also being added, so you’ll also be able to control your BedJet with your voice. Version 3 will be 30 percent smaller than version 2, just six inches tall.

The BedJet v3 is scheduled to ship this December. The dual zone iteration is available for a pledge of $458, a steep discount from the post-Kickstarter $798 retail price. If you and your partners struggle to stay comfortable in bed, it may be just what the doctor ordered.

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