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The 10 Coolest Custom Kid Cars of All Time

From hacked strollers, go-karts, and push cars, it doesn't get much cooler than this.

If you grew up like most kids, you probably scooted around the neighborhood on your trusty bike, or at least a hand-me-down Big Wheel. If you were lucky, you cruised around in the 12-volt magnet known as a Power Wheels. If you were really lucky, your dad was as crazy as these fathers who hacked go-karts, strollers, push cars, and more to deliver the ultimate custom cars for kids.

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Dark Knight Batmobile Tumbler Stroller

The team behind Super-Fan Builds are master prop builders with 3D models in a professional fabrication shop — which you would need to build this batmobile baby stroller. It boasts a welded steel frame, hand-cut panels, all-wheel tires, mirrored glass, and even a full car seat with 5-point harness.

Junior James Bond Luxury Roadster

Chinese automotive engineer Lingziluo doesn’t just want his kid to have the coolest toy car on the block, he wants to crush the spirit of any dad who ever dreamed of giving his kid the coolest gift ever. This is true scaled-down luxury; the parts alone cost more than $15,000, and the labor pushes the car’s value to about that of a BMW 3 Series according to the designer. Crazier still, it tops out at 86mph.

Modified Lightning McQueen Powerwheel

When Sean Burgess’ son Evan wore out the tread on his Cars Lightning McQueen Power Wheel’s plastic factory tires, Burgess did the sensible dad thing and retrofitted it into a legitimate mini hotrod for his kid. It’s got an aluminum subframe, off-road treads, disc brakes, and a 500w, 66hp motor that can zip down the street.

Cadillac Stroller

This custom-built Cadillac baby stroller/push cart shoots flames out the back. That’s all there is to say.

Salvaged Bomb Spaceship Pedal Car

This beauty was built by 1955 Father Of The Year, DL Montoya, of Honolulu for his son Gene that summer. And yes, it’s made of an actual discarded 500-pound aerial bomb. The contraption set D.L. back less than a dollar and was built in a week.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Push Car

A year after building a custom DeLorean push car for kids, Jeremy and Cory Smith built their son Cooper a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ghostmobile to complete an already impeccable Halloween costume. And they did so by cobbling together cardboard boxes, Mexican take-out salsa cups, soda bottles, and some LEDs.

Radio Flyer Go-Kart

The construction of this kart already screams “old school” — using a Radio Flyer red wagon for the frame just pushes the nostalgia over the top. The true genius, though, lies in the fact that this go-kart enables your kid to essentially pull their own wagon to the park, making this a gift for you more than them.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace X-34 Landspeeder Go-Kart

Before you could actually buy Radio Flyer’s version of Luke’s Landspeeder, there was this Star Wars-worthy kart and these directions to build it.

This Low Rider

This kid may not be old enough to play GTA V, but he can still cruise around in this low rider complete with hydraulics, chainlink steering wheel, and a side-mounted GoPro to catch all the dropped jaws as it bounces by.


Raise your hand if you’re starting to think your dad really dropped the ball on when you were a kid. While you’re at it, raise your whole dang truck up there too.