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The 10 Coolest Custom Kid Cars Of All Time

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If you grew up like most kids, you probably scooted around the neighborhood on your trusty bike, or at least a hand-me-down Big Wheel. If you were really lucky, you cruised around in the 12-volt chick magnet known as a (POW POW) Powerwheel. If you were really really lucky, your dad was as crazy as these 10 guys who hacked go-karts, strollers, push cars, and more to deliver the ultimate juvenile driving machines.

Dark Knight Batmobile Tumbler Stroller [youtube expand=1] This first one is kind of a cheat since the team behind Super-Fan Builds are master prop builders with 3D models in a professional fabrication shop and you are a dad with some scribbles on a napkin in your garage. Does any of that matter? Hell no! Look at that thing! Steel frame, hand-cut panels, all-wheel tires, mirrored glass — you’re damn right, Commissioner Gordon. “I gotta get me one of those.”

Junior James Bond Luxury Roadsterfatherly_best_toy_car_everPedal cars, go-karts, and retrofitted strollers are mere peanuts to Chinese automotive engineer Lingziluo. He doesn’t just want his kid to have the coolest toy car on the block, he wants to crush the spirit of any dad who ever dreamed of giving his kid the coolest gift ever. This is true scaled-down luxury; the parts alone cost more than $15,000, and the labor pushes the car’s value to about that of a BMW 3 Series according to the designer. And it tops out at 86 miles per hour. So yeah, might want to think about returning that Cozy Coupe you were stashing in the garage for Junior’s birthday.

Modified Lightning McQueen Powerwheel
[youtube expand=1] When Sean Burgess’ son Evan wore out the tread on his Lightning McQueen Powerwheel’s plastic factory tires, Sean did the sensible dad thing and retrofitted it into a legitimate mini hotrod. It looks like Evan helped quite a bit, so it wasn’t just a self-indulgent, Tim The Tool Man-style “MORE POWER” stunt by Sean. Plus, he didn’t set himself on fire or launch his kid into orbit in the process, so it was a big win for everyone involved.

Cadillac StrollerAwww, a sweet little tyke rolling down the street laid back in his custom Cadillac stroller. Isn’t that just adora— DID IT JUST SHOOT FLAMES?! Extra points to the father for sacrificing all the hair on his shins just so his kid can look badass.

Salvaged Bomb Spaceship Pedal Carfatherly_salvaged_bomb_spaceship_pedal_carThis beauty was built by 1955 Father Of The Year DL Montoya of Honolulu for his son Gene that summer, and yes, that’s an actual discarded 500-pound aerial bomb. The contraption set D.L. back less than a dollar and was built in a week. Presumably, most of that time was spent gutting as many of those 500 pounds as possible, or else little Gene became the strongest toddler on the island as well as the coolest.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Push Carfatherly_ghostbusters_ecto_1_push_carActually, sorry DL — Jeremy and Cory Smith are henceforth Parents Of The Year Emeritus. A year after building a custom DeLorean push car, Jeremy and Cory built their son Cooper an Ecto-1 Ghostmobile to complete an already impeccable Halloween costume. And they did so by cobbling together cardboard boxes, Mexican take-out salsa cups, soda bottles, and some LEDs, proving 2 things: 1) the box really is cooler than the toy, and 2) you can build anything with enough duct tape.

Radio Flyer Go-Kartfatherly_radio_flyer_go_kartThe construction of this kart already screams “old school” — using a Radio Flyer red wagon for the frame just pushes the nostalgia over the top. The true genius, though, lies in the fact that this go-kart enables your kid to essentially pull their own wagon to the park. No dad muscle required.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace X-34 Landspeeder Go-Kartfatherly_phantom_menace_land_cruiser_kartIf you’re still pissed about The Phantom Menace, first of all, it’s been 16 years; time to forgive Jar Jar Binks. Second, take comfort knowing the film ultimately inspired the creation of this Lucasfilm-worthy kart, which you can build with these directions. At the very least, everyone can be glad someone finally made a “Peeing Calvin: Death Star Edition.”

This Low Riderfatherly_kid_low_riderThis kid may not be old enough to play GTA V but he can still cruise around in this incredible flame-kissed marvel. Screw it, somebody give that dude an Ice Cube record. “I gotta go ‘cuz I got me a drop-top and if I hit the switch, I can make that ass drop…”

MonsterwheelRaise your hand if you’re starting to think your dad really dropped the ball on your childhood wheels. While you’re at it, raise your whole dang truck. This kid is literally on top of his game.

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