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Tesla Says Its Solar Roof Will Last Until Your Kids Have Kids


Roofing in 100-degree heat is no one’s idea of a fun summer. But a lot of people will consider suffering through because Tesla plans to roll out its innovative solar roof tiles this summer. Not only do Elon Musk’s innovative tiles have a price point lower than expected but they also come with an “infinity” warranty that guarantees the tiles will outlast your house.

Tesla solar tiles resemble normal shingles and will be offered in slate, terracotta and a variety of styles. Converting your roof to solar will cost an estimated $22 per square foot ($42 per square foot of active solar tile and $11 per square foot of inactive tile), and the company has helpfully produced a calculator that helps solar hopefuls estimate the total costs and long-term savings. The most eager among us can already put down a $1,000 deposit on Tesla’s website.

The solar tiles round out Tesla founder Elon Musk’s clean energy portfolio. Solar power, home batteries, and electric cars “are really the three legs of the stool for a sustainable energy future,” Musk told Bloomberg. “Solar power going to a stationary battery pack so you have power at night, and then charging an electric vehicle…you can scale that to all the world’s demand.”

NPR reports that it would cost about $45,000 to switch an average two-story house to solar and an additional $7,000 for Tesla’s home battery (a sort of integrative, backup generator). Tax credits lob about $14,000 off the top, so it’s a roughly $50,000 investment. Tesla’s calculator reminds us that the tiles pay for themselves in 30 years—but that’s still three decades in the red.

But with an “infinity” warranty on the tiles, perhaps it’s worth it. So little in life is guaranteed.