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This 6-Foot ‘Stranger Things’ Demogorgon Sprinkler Turns Your Yard Into the Upside Down

This straight-out-of-Hawkins-sprinkler will terrify kids before sprinkling them.

Most inflatable sprinklers have an over-the-top silly energy. Think a cactus with sunglasses or a seven-foot-tall pink elephant. But if that’s grown a little stale, there’s a new, scarier option that’s a lot more interesting than yet another rainbow unicorn: the Stranger Things Demagorgon Inflatable sprinkler from Big Mouth.

One of our favorite toys from this year’s Toy Fair, the straight-out-of-Hawkins sprinkler is modeled after the multi-petaled creature that emerged from the Upside Down to terrorize Eleven and crew. With reptile-like limbs and a head that’s just a gaping, child-eating orifice, it’s undeniably terrifying. That’s what will make it such a nice addition to your backyard.

When fully inflated, the Demogorgon measures 82 inches tall, almost six feet wide, and about three feet deep. It’s huge, and it looks even bigger from the vantage point of a kid. Because it’s so big, we recommend using an electric air pump to save your lungs a lot of work.

A massive, water-spraying, inflatable monster straight out of the Upside Down.

There are eyelets at the feet of the sprinkler into which you’ll want to drive stakes to keep the creature from blowing away and really terrorizing the neighborhood. Once that’s done, all you need to do is hook up a hose and crank the spigot. Water will spray from its toothsome mouth in a conical shape, keeping kids cool for hours of fun in the backyard. When you’re ready to go inside you can open the oversized air valve for speedy deflation.

BigMouth Inc, the company behind this delightful monstrosity, makes a ton of our favorite inflatable backyard toys. The Demogorgon is part of a whole line of Stranger Things-inspired options, ranging from the cute — a pool float with “011” spelled out in syrup — to the even more disturbing, like the inflatable kiddie pool complete with a silhouette of Eleven’s shadow that looks kind of like a floating dead body.

But for our money, there’s no better way to celebrate the summer return of Stranger Things — with the added benefit of scaring your kids — than the inflatable Demogorgon.