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The Stiga Snowracer Takes Sledding to the Next Level

It can even go down the hill backwards.

Kids love sledding no matter what they use to cruise down the mountain. Lunchtray? Garbage-can lid? Flipped over folding table? All work. But, of course, not all sleds are created equal. The best sleds are equipped to handle what the slopes throw at them and come with apparatuses that allow for complete control. If you’re looking to provide your kid with next level control and speed, check out the Stiga Snowracer.

The Stiga is an easy to drive three-ski sled with either a BMX bike handlebar or full steering wheel, so kids are always driving and never feel out of control. The frame is steel, the carved skis turn up for added speed and maneuverability, and the front-runner boasts a shock absorber to keep the ride smooth. The skis are also twin tipped, which means the sled can bomb down the hill backward just as easily as does facing forward.

Stiga sells six different models, including one for two riders, one that folds up for easy storage, and the PRO, which has an automatic winder to make it more comfortable to pull. Pricewise, they start around $195. For something a little cheaper, though, the company also sells snow kick scooters with collapsible handlebars and twin wide skis for $90.

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