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The Coolest Star Wars School Supplies

Help your young Padawan feel the force with Star Wars backpacks and other school supplies.

Automatic minivan doors and Netflix subscriptions are great, but the best thing about parenthood in 2018 is being able to relive our love of Star Wars with our children. New installments of the franchise hit theaters at a satisfying clip and DVDs of the original trilogy are a road trip staple in that minivan. Star Wars fever is as high today as it was when Luke first met Obi-Wan, and there’s no better way to express your family’s love of that galaxy far, far away than through back to school season. We found a dozen of the coolest Star Wars school supplies on the internet. From Boba Fett backpacks to Chewbacca notebooks, there’s something for your young Padawan on this list.

Star Wars Boba Fett Backpack ($44)

Let your kid channel his inner Boba Fett with this faux leather backpack. Sadly, it doesn’t have jetpack capabilities, but it does have a padded laptop sleeve and a bunch of smaller pockets to keep all those fidget spinners organized.

Buy Now $60

Light Saber Pencils ($17 for 24 pack)

Your favorite Number 2 is now a lightsaber. You just have to choose: Light Side (blue) or Dark Side (red).

Buy Now $17

R2D2 Thermos ($13)

A stainless steel interior and vacuum insulated design make this R2D2 bottle as useful as it is cool. There’s also a push button lid with pop-up straw, which is a little-known feature of R2 that was cut from a scene in A New Hope.

Buy Now $13

BB8 Pencil Box ($10)

Take all of those Light Saber pencils and stuff them in this single-zipper case. Because even practitioners of the Force need to be organized.

Buy Now $10

A New Hope Lunch Box ($12)

Yes, this is the same lunch box you carried to elementary school when you were a kid. Luke’s abs for the win!

Buy Now $12

Millennium Falcon Coin Bag ($22)

This is how you keep your lunch money safe. Because this baby did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Buy Now $22

Chewbacca Notebook ($14)

Dear diary…write down everything the teacher says in this 80-page notebook wrapped in real Chewbacca fur. Okay, it’s not real fur. No Wookies were harmed in the making of this notebook.

Buy Now $14

Darth Vader Macbook Decal ($8)

Your kid has a laptop? He needs this vinyl sticker, because Darth Vader eating an apple is freaking awesome.

Buy Now $8

Force Awakens Projector Pen ($6)

Nobody needs a pen that projects a Storm Trooper on the nearest surface, but you don’t not need a Storm Trooper projector pen either. Right? It writes words, too.

Buy Now $6

Star Wars Moleskin Notebooks ($9)

Darth and Luke battle on the hardcover of these large (5”x 8.25”), lined notebooks. Perfect for that first poetry class or just learning your ABCs. And Moleskin has a series of these notebooks with iconic scenes from the movies, so you should get them all.

Buy Now $6