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‘Star Wars’ Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware Will Balance the Force In Every Marriage

This stuff is legit.

Everyone loves cast iron.  Everyone loves themselves a lightsaber. Imagine a harmonious pairing of the two. And with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker upon us, everyone knows harmony in the kitchen means harmony in the rest of the house. If you really want to balance the Force in your marriage, you should buy at least one of the dutch ovens in the new Le Creuset Star Wars cookware line. Let us predicate that by saying: The stuff ain’t cheap.

Now, in the meantime, if you want something you can afford that you can buy right now, there's always this Death Star waffle maker.

Who knew that Darth Vader had a thing for waffles? This waffle maker makes, well, waffles that look like the Death Star.

Because you can never have too much chili in winter, behold a Star Wars slow cooker.

You can crank out a quick bowl of soup or some Skywalker queso with this two-quart slow cooker.

If like us, you're stuck making school lunches, give them some intergalactic flair with this Star Wars toaster.

This toaster churns out slices imprinted with  a TIE fighter, and the Millennium Falcon.

But back to our beloved Le Creuset for a beat. If your spouse is a Star Wars fan, you’ll be in great shape. But, even if they’re not, and the Star Wars stuff is for you, everyone loves these things. Le Creuset is one of those rare brands that actually delivers on what it claims it will do. Buying cheap cookware can be the path to the dark side if you’re not careful, or, so I’m told.

Speaking of quality control, one of the reasons why Star Wars stuff was such a big deal in the ’70s and ’80s is because George Lucas insisted on an element of not-badass with all the tie-in products. And while not everything that has borne the Star Wars logo has lived-up to a basic standard of good taste (Jar Jar Binks tongue candy comes to mind) these line of cookware is actually pretty nice.

Starting November 1, Le Creuset will offer a line of Star Wars cookware which will consist of the following:

  • Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster – $450
  • Darth Vader  Round Dutch Oven – $395
  • R2-D2 Mini Cocotte – $30
  • C-3PO Mini Cocotte – $30
  • BB-8 Mini Cocotte – $30
  • Millennium Falcon Trivet – $20
  • Death Star Trivet – $20
  • Porg Pie Bird – $25

Of all of these, we honestly have to say that Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven seems like the best bet because it’s something you and your spouse will actually use in the kitchen. And for dads who balk at dropping three digits on anything that’s used in the kitchen, let’s focus on this: IT’S GOT DARTH VADER ON IT.

When I showed my wife the pictures of this stuff, she said: “If you got that for me for Christmas I would be so happy that I wouldn’t even notice Darth Vader was on it.

And there you have it: pairing Star Wars with good cookery is the smartest thing the brand has done since hiring Ewan McGregor. 

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