Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field

Turn Your Backyard Into a Inflatable Soccer Field in Under Two Minutes

This mini soccer pitch is perfect for toddler 2-on-2.

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Throw a group of kids into the backyard with a soccer ball, and they’re likely to chase it around for a while before wandering away. Turn the backyard into a self-contained soccer field, on the other hand, and feel free to settle in for Pre-K World Cup. They’re not going anywhere. Sportspower’s Inflatable Soccer Field lets you do just that ⏤ and in under two minutes, to boot.

It’s an inflatable mini-field that isn’t actually that mini, measuring a solid 26-feet long by 14-feet wide. It’s recommended for kids ages three to eight ⏤ although reviewers say it’s better designed for toddlers ⏤ and comes equipped with two goals and inflatable rails so the ball always stays in play. The floor is fully marked (so no chalk necessary) and while reportedly not inflatable, it does still come with a 600-pound weight limit. Depending on the size/age of the kids, it’s pitched as perfect for games of 2-on-2.

It’s made from a durable polyester with PVC coating to withstand Junior’s wicked penalty kicks and comes with both a carrying case and high-powered pump (complete with a ground fault circuit interrupter for safety) so you can take it on the go. It weighs 31 pounds deflated and runs just north of $200.

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