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Score These Spongebob Timberland Boots Before They’re Gone

Everyone's favorite sentient sponge is teaming up with everyone's favorite boot maker.

Spongebob’s pants might be square but his shoes are dope AF. That’s because Bikini Bottom’s most frenetic resident, Spongebob Squarepants, has gone into partnership with Timberland, lending his likeness to some colorful, limited-edition boots which are available now in the US.

The partnership isn’t as weird as you might think. Of course, Spongebob Squarepants needs rugged kicks from the experts at Timberland and his branded boots don’t disappoint. They are waterproof (obviously) and insulated with chunky rubber lug outsoles, and lined tongues. And while that’s all perfect for stomping around in the kitchen of your local Krusty Krab, Timberland’s Spongebob boots would be lacking if they weren’t as wild and whimsical as the sentient sponge himself. Thank goodness, then, that these kicks aren’t particularly subtle.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants and his life in a pineapple under the sea with these Timberlands.

The boots come in two colorways. The blue versions have a two-toned style with a Caribbean teal upper and a soft ocean blue wrapping the boot from heel to toe. A hipster-spectacled Spongebob peeks out from the outer ankle holding his trusty jellyfish net and a flock of the pink jellies flutters around the Timberland tree logo. At the inner heal, Spongebob’s pal Patrick starfish is pursued by some jellyfish foes.

The black versions sport a light brown sandy-colored sole with a shocking yellow tongue in the shape of a smiling Spongebob himself. The Timberland logo is turned into a Krabby patty with Spongebob’s nemesis Plankton nearby.

Happily, the boots are for kids of all ages with adult, toddler, youth, and junior sizes available. That means that nostalgic ’90s kids and their children can both step into Timberland’s Spongebob boots and head to the shore for some outdoor fun.

The Timberland x Spongebob boots can be found online at, but if you want these exclusive boots, you better hurry. They’re going faster than a Krabby patty.

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