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Sony’s Newest Projector Turns Anything Into A Big Screen TV

No matter how cool you are with your kid’s screen time, that doesn’t mean you still don’t cringe every time you hand over that expensive smartphone so they can watch Splash and Bubbles. So don’t. That tiny screen isn’t good for their eyes, anyway. Instead, let them watch Gush and Denny and kids movies right on the kitchen table, with this short throw projector from Sony.

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Okay, so admittedly the Sony LSPX-P1 costs more (at $1,000) than the very phone you’re worried about dropping, but that’s not the point. No, the beauty of the LSPX-P1 lies in its ability to project 720p HD images between 22- and 80-inches in close quarters. On the wall, on the floor, on the desk, it doesn’t matter. It uses a laser diode to achieve 100 lumens of brightness, rocks 2 built-in bass reflex speakers, and can run for 2 hours on a single 4-hour Li-Ion battery charge — so, probably best not to start The Hobbit.

Sony LSPX-P1 Short Throw Projector

The projector’s controlled by a smartphone app and can stream all your favorite internet content (plus the time and weather!), not to mention pics, videos, or movies from your laptop or Blu-ray player, thanks to wireless HDMI through a separate device. Or, you can just fill its 4GB of storage up with all the S&B episodes.

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