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The SongSleuth App Identifies Birds By Their Chirps

SongSlueth is basically Shazam for bird songs.

Trees, animal tracks, scat ⏤ half the fun of walking kids through the woods is teaching them about nature. But unless you’re a trained ornithologist and/or own The Big Year in Blu-Ray, odds are long that you can answer your kids’ questions about various bird chirps. Was that a cardinal or blue jay? With the SongSleuth app, you don’t have to guess. It knows the sweet sounds of more than 200 North American bird species.

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Consider SongSlueth the Shazam for bird songs. Except SongSleuth tells you it’s a black crow and not the Black Crowes. Simply record any bird chatter you hear and the app’s advanced Bioacoustic algorithms narrow the tune down to three species. From there, you listen to recordings of each bird, choose the winner, and impress your kids. Still, can’t tell which one? Use the editing tools to go full-CSI and filter out the background noise. Or bust out the colorful spectrograms to study the subtle differences between a white-throated sparrow and a Kentucky warbler.

SongSleuth App

Not only does SongSleuth come loaded with a full library of illustrations, recordings, and seasonal range maps from famed ornithologist David Sibley, but you can also build your own collection of geo-tagged bird tunes. You know, to share with friends and/or fondly reminisce about that trip through the woods where you totally nailed the sweet songs of Tufted Titmouse. SongSleuth just launched in iTunes for $10; an Android play is planned for the fall.

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