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Someone Invented A Balls Shield For Your Baby​​Björn

If you’ve ever been at the mercy of a front-carried infant with laser-guided little feet, does Kiccup have a product for you. Designed to ward off spastic babies whose feet dangle dangerously low in a baby carrier, Kiccup fits most BabyBjörn models and is basically a cup worn on the outside of your pants.

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It’s not subtle, but consider this fun fact: The signals sent to your brain when your nuts get crunched travel 265 miles per hour and – because your testicles share pain receptors with your stomach – your body’s immediate response is to double over. But that option isn’t available when you’re wearing a kid on your torso. So, if your little Cristiano Ronaldo is always within striking distance, the Kiccup might be the best 20 bucks you ever spent.

And if anyone makes fun of the way it looks, you know where to kick them.