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Sled Legs Are Wearable Sleds That Turn Your Body Into A Tobbogan

Arguably, the least enjoyable part of sledding has to be toting your sled (and your kid, and your kid’s sled…) back up the hill after every run. Or, maybe worse, it’s waiting in the cold for them to trek back up. (So. Slow.) Now imagine a winter wonderland where instead of just doing the pushing and carrying, you could also hurl yourself down that hill alongside Junior like Optimus Prime in the Giant Slalom? And when you hit the bottom, there wasn’t any toboggan to lug back up? That’s the glorious world of Sled Legs.

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Way easier than tying a trash can lid to your butt, these wearable plastic sleds attach to your legs like a baseball catcher’s knee protectors. So if you played little league, you know the deal ⏤ they fit securely thanks to adjustable/pivoting knee and ankle straps and a contoured, cushioned foam insert that grips the leg. The outer shell is made of a hard plastic that’s been grooved with 4 control runners so you can apply pressure to the edges and “track, cut, and carve.”

Once on, all you really have to do is run fast, drop to your knees, and ride that fresh wave of powder all the way to the bottom. And then walk back up the hill waving your two free hands in a wild and excited manner to demonstrate how much fun you just had. Or, you know, use them to carry your kid’s sled; because, unfortunately, unless your 8-year-old looks like Micheal Oher in The Blind Side, they can’t rock Sled Legs with you. No, like a ride at Six Flags, these wearable toboggans come with restrictions, namely: the rider should be over 5-feet-tall and preferably 13 years or older.

Sled Legs

That said, at least you can finally have some winter fun that doesn’t involve reading emails on your phone while you wait for the kids to climb that hill. Order now, and score $10 off thanks to their midwinter sale.

Buy Now $50