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Samsung’s New Refrigerator Does Your Grocery Shopping For You


Buying a refrigerator is usually reserved one of two occasions: moving into a new home or when your old one craps out. You don’t usually upgrade a perfectly good icebox unless you need a second one in the garage for deer meat and beer. Or, if you want your appliances to grocery shop for you. Which is what the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 will do if you talk to it nicely.

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Last year, Samsung unveiled a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled, 28-cu.ft smart refrigerator with a giant 21.5-inch HD LED touchscreen on the front that shows you what’s inside without opening the doors. You probably saw the commercials with that dude from Parenthood. It’s cool, if not a bit gratuitous. But now, it’s way better.

The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 does all the same stuff as the original: in addition to serving as, you know a fridge, it serves as an “intelligent bulletin board” where you can post your family’s calendars, photos, and notes; you can still use the app to see what’s in the fridge from the dairy aisle of the grocery store; you can stream movies and music right into the kitchen; and, of course, you can still make a grocery list and then order it all online with the Groceries by MasterCard or Instacart app.

Only now, you can do a lot of that by simply talking to it. Samsung built in improved voice recognition so the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 responds to your commands. Want it to add mustard to your grocery list? Pull up a recipe and read it to you? Explain why your wife continues to put leftovers on the bottom shelf where you’ll never see them, even though you’ve asked her many times to not do that? Fire away.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Samsung also added personalized profiles/avatars for each member of the family, included more apps (from Grubhub, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, among others), and expanded from four to ten models in silver and black stainless. As always though with new items dropped at the Consumer Electronics Show, you can’t get one yet. The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 won’t hit stores until later this year, but should run about $5,799 when it does. In the meantime, you can keep talking to your current fridge, just try not to get too frustrated when it doesn’t answer.

Buy Now Starts at $5,799