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Today’s Best Sales: Le Crueset Cookware, Roblox Figures, and a 5th Gen iPad

From a pellet grill to the latest iPad, there's something for everyone in today's deals.

Every day, the Internet is teeming with deals, sales, discounts, and savings. But, as the Internet is a big, distracting place, said deals can be difficult to find. Plus, you don’t have time to sniff ’em all out. You have work and kids and a total of 25 minutes of free time that shouldn’t be spent looking for discounts. So, to help you out, we’ll be combing through the daily offerings and rounding up the deals we like, and think you might find useful. Today’s deals offer a little something for everybody: a variety of Roblox figures, a Takeya cold brew coffee maker, Le Creuset stoneware, a Pit Boss pellet grill, and a fifth generation iPad.

Roblox Figures

Amazon is having a big sale on Roblox figures, the blocky toys inspired by the uber popular online game. Options include themed sets like punk rockers, zombie attack, and robot riot along with a carrying case that can hold up to 32 figures. The best way to help your kid build their Roblox collection is with the Mystery Polybags, sets of six randomly selected figures that also come with a redeemable code to unlock an exclusive virtual item on the game itself. These grab bags are 30 percent off today.

Buy Now $16

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Summer may be over but cold brew knows no bounds. This cold brew coffee maker from Takeya is a simple way to keep your habit going at home. All you need to do is load coffee into the fine mesh infuser, fill the BPA-free pitcher with water, shake well and throw it in the fridge. After 36 hours, you have coffee concentrate you can pour over ice with water for a refreshing caffeinated beverage.

Buy Now $15

Le Creuset Kitchenware

Nordstrom is knocking 20 percent off the price of a ton of Le Creuset stoneware and cast iron items. You can save on trivets, skillets, even a coffee mug. Also included: Le Creuset’s legendary dutch ovens like the seven and a quarter quart model available in six colors for nearly $100 less than its usual price.

Buy Now $380

Pit Boss 700FB Wood Fired Pellet Grill with Flame Broiler

This pellet grill from Pit Boss is dead simple to operate. Load wood pellets into the hopper and set the temperature using the digital controls. The chamber will fill with smoke and the 700 square inch cooking surface will start to heat up. There’s a plate at the bottom of the grill that you can slide on or off so you have the option of cooking with indirect heat or over an open flame. Save over 30 percent off the original price when you buy the Pit Boss 700FB at Walmart today.

Buy Now $337

Apple iPad (5th Generation)

Jet is knocking $80 off the price of the WiFi-only version of Apple’s latest tablet. This iPad comes with a vivid retina display, powerful 64-bit chip and access to over a million apps designed for the device. If you’re in the market for a tablet, this is one you should consider, especially at this lower price point.

Buy Now $349