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This Aluminum Cube Lets Me Pretend I’m at the Movies

Fits in your hand, but plays a big-screen movie.

When my husband realized I’d seen the first Godfather, but not the second, it was like I’d taken a hit out on his family. How could I live with myself? When I finally relented — fine, I’ll sit down and watch three-plus hours of revenge murders — I insisted we do it the way Coppola intended: on the big screen, with me in my pj’s.

That’s something we can do thanks to the RIF6 Cube projector, our favorite dummy-proof home-tech product. With it, any streamable media gets sprawled, massively, onto our bedroom wall, or whatever flat surface we choose (in case you want to watch Feud … on the ceiling). The palm-size device — two inches across in every direction — is crafted from weightless aluminum, so it’s super portable (go on, take it glamping), and rests on a stand with bendable Gumby legs, so you can position it to any angle.

The company claims it’s the “most user-friendly projector in its class” — and as someone who struggled to set up her electric toothbrush, I have to say it’s true. Simply use the included cable to connect to any HDMI-compatible gizmo (Xbox, Blu-ray, iPhone — though mobile devices will require an adapter) and behold the 120-inch display. Splashed out in wide-screen, Michael Corleone telling his brother he knows about his betrayal — “You broke my heart” — isn’t just riveting, it actually feels cinematic, with the larger-than-life gravitas that a masterpiece deserves.

The cube has saved the day several times. Like the time when our wine-tasting trip to the North Fork got rained out, so we bypassed our B&B’s dinky cable and rewatched Sideways with a store-bought bottle (not Merlot). Another weekend, when a friend’s wedding after-party somehow migrated to our hotel suite, I wanted to keep the vibe going — but avoid thumping bass and dreaded noise complaints — so I streamed Kill Bill, and projected it across the wall. Nothing keeps people pouring drinks like a wide-screen Uma Thurman slashing skulls.

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