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With This Ride-On Suitcase, Your Toddler Always Has a Place to Sit

Parents, you need this.

“There’s nothing easier than flying with a toddler,” said no one, ever. With the holidays looming, parents of older babies and toddlers are coming to face with a terrifying realization: Sooner or later, they are going to have to schlep not only their progeny, but also a ton of stuff, through a busy airport filled with other ill-tempered travelers. And for that, they need a ride-on suitcase, perhaps the most ingenious of travel gadgets. 

Pushing a stroller might be fine, and dragging a rolling suitcase, also usually not a huge deal. But pushing a stroller while dragging a suitcase behind you, if you haven’t done it, is really a special brand of hell—especially if your kid is wailing because he’s jet-lagged, missed a nap, woke up early or all of the above.

Kids 18 months and older can ride on this suitcase through the airport.

Thankfully the folks at Micro (as in the Micro who makes those awesome scooters) are all about living in the solution, and they’ve created the Micro Luggage Eazy. Designed for kids 18 months and older who weigh up to 44 pounds, it’s a good-looking suitcase that holds a decent amount, but can also fit in the overhead bin. It comes in three calming colors (cactus green, cool berry and ice blue) and weighs just under 11 pounds unpacked, so at least it starts off nice and lightweight.

While you worry about booking it through the terminal, your kiddo can sit pretty on the top, which has a cut-out divot with a comfortable seat. A set of extendable extra wheels provides stability and gives him a place to rest his weary feet. Once you get to the gate, the wheels fold back in so you can easily stow your bag and get on with the business of the actual flight. Hopefully you remembered a Fun Bag to help ward off mid-air meltdowns, not to mention all the snacks.

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