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The MoodoGo Portable Diffuser Is a Car Air Freshener You’ll Actually Enjoy

It banishes the scent of stale cheerios and spoiled apple slices, replacing them with a great-smelling fragrance that turns your car into a place of zen.

If you’re a parent, chances are the interior of your car has the faint smell of soiled diapers with top notes of the semi-rotten apple slices trapped under your seat cushions. We get it. This is why an essential oil diffuser can make your drives from daycare to work to home somewhat less of an olfactory offense.

No, we’re not talking about one of those trees you dangle from the rearview mirror and make your car smell like a high school gym after a junior high dance. You need something more subtle that you’ll actually want to breathe in. And that’s why we’re pretty psyched about MoodoGo aroma diffuser, which helps you zen out during your commute. It smells great and, unlike other diffusers, doesn’t leak. With it, your car will smell like a place you want to sit.

Your car will smell like sea breeze with this smart portable diffuser.

We already have the full-sized Moodo at home, so we’re big fans of the original. It’s plug and play and can be controlled from your phone. The MoodoGo plugs into any USB power supply, which means you can power it from your laptop if you so wish. But a car makes the most sense because, according to the AAA, Americans collectively spent 70 billion hours behind the wheel over the course of a year. That’s a lot of hours, people. They might as well be as inoffensive as possible.

You choose the scent you want, which comes in a Keurig-like capsule. Insert the capsule into the MoodoGo and you’re off to the races. Each capsule lasts roughly 45 days. Rotate the dial to increase or decrease the intensity of the smell based on your space and how much it already stinks. All done.

The fragrances are fantastic.  The MoodoGo holds a single scent capsule, which is interchangeable at any time with other compatible fragrance capsules. The fragrances are created in France and are alcohol-free. There’s an assortment to choose from, including vanilla, citrus, sandalwood, amber marine, spice market, and floral musk. Packs include a variety — and you can set yourself up with a subscription that ships fresh pods to your door when you need them. No, we’re not crazy about that either. But it equals less than 10 pods a year for your car, considering each lasts for 45 days.

With it, your car will smell like sandalwood, spices, or a chill beach day. Considering the alternative was old food and funky diapers, that’s a pretty nice change.

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