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Returning Christmas Gifts? Here Are 10 Presents to Buy Yourself.

Returning that chunky sweater you received? Exchange it for one of these gifts instead.

When it comes to giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. But, the truth of the matter is, some thoughts are misguided. Who hasn’t received an ill-fitting, scratchy sweater or a brand new orbital sander even though your life features zero opportunities to sand things? It’s perfectly reasonable to return these Christmas gifts for something you’d like a little bit better. That’s why there are gift receipts — and why we’ve created this list of items you might want to consider getting instead. From turntables and fun tech to sports watches and take-anywhere espresso makers, these gifts are worthy of your return money. Who knew you were so thoughtful?

If your new year's resolution was to sweat more and gorge less, you need great workout earbuds like these.

Not only do you get up to nine hours of listening time. But these badass earbuds are sweat- and water-resistant for tough workouts. So get thyself to the gym already.

This excellent turntable punches well above its weight in terms of specs and sound.

You can’t beat the convenience of streaming music, but it’s worth treating yourself to the sound quality and satisfying ritual of playing records every now and then. Audio Technica’s AT-LP60 is an excellent low-priced option, featuring a built-in pre-amplifier that makes it easy to connect to your existing speaker setup. It’s also fully automatic, so there’s no risk of clumsily scratching a record or ruining a needle.

This smart plug turns anything plugged into a smart device

This gadget lets you transform anything it the power to connect to a phone or digital assistant of choice. And unlike similar products, the compact size of the Wemo means it won’t block other outlets.

This golf-centric GPS watch features course identification, hole diagrams, and hyper-specific yardage markers.

Constantly daydream of crushing one off the seventh tee? This watch from Garmin is for you. It uses your location to identify the course you’re playing from the 41,000 in its database and also provides you with diagrams of each hole and yardages to the front, back, and middle of the greens. You can use it to measure your drives and keep score — all of which you can upload to Garmin’s online platform to track your progress and brag to your friends in real life.

The Mandalorian has transformed Baby Yoda into an Internet sensation. The cutest little guy in the galaxy might be pure evil but makes a proud appearance on this oh-so-cozy hoodie.

A good knife deserves a good whetstone on which to stay sharp. This one will serve you well.

A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Keep your blades sharp with this aluminum-oxide whetstone. One side sharpens and one side hones blades, and the whole thing sits on a silicone frame on a nonstick bamboo and rubber base. It works on pretty much any kind of blade, from hunting knives to scissors, and does so without the messy oil some other whetstones require.

This portable espresso machine lets you pull shots wherever you might be.

Who says you can’t sip a freshly pulled espresso when you’re sitting in traffic? This barista-approved gadget, which measures just seven inches long and weighs less than a pound, makes the dream a reality. To operate it, load up the included filter, push down to tamp down the grounds, add hot water tot he tank, and pump several times to pressurize the chamber and extract the coffee.

This blanket is so well made it will keep your grandchildren's grandchildren warm.

Pendleton knows blankets. This wool number, a tribute to Glacier National Park, is made from 100 percent pure virgin wool and good for everything from picnics to parking on the couch.

Sonos' smart soundbar provides a high-tech, surround sound experience that ups every type of home entertainment.

Yes, it seamlessly connects to the Sonos ecosystem. But the Beam is a thumbping soundbar that also works as a TV-enhancing soundbar and an Alexa digital assistant that you can control with your voice.

This stainless steel 8-inch kitchen knife will be in your collection for yours

Gripping the wooden handle of this Japanese knife, you’ll feel like a seasoned sous chef. Its blade is hewn from cobalt alloy steel covered in chrome stainless steel for durability and forgiveness, and it’s wonderfully balanced. All about-to-be-chopped vegetables will quiver at your sight.

This hiking carrier is safe, comfortable, and breathable — helping you carry your very important cargo with ease.

Whether you regularly hit the trails or just want another way to carry your kid, this carrier is an excellent option. It’s comfortable and reliable, with a lightweight folding aluminum frame and adjustable suspension for comfort. You can also add a sunshade that’ll keep your kid safe once summer (finally) rolls around again.

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