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This Prime Day Batman Belt for Men Is Surprisingly Tasteful

This is something Bruce Wayne might wear to his GQ cover shoot.

Warner Bros.

Dressing like Batman IRL is probably not a good move for most men. Unless you’re heading to Comic-Con, dressing up for Halloween, or planning on becoming a viral YouTube sensation, there’s not a good way to incorporate dressing like Batman into your day-to-day life. That is, there’s wasn’t… until now.

While hunting for some Prime Day deals that are actually fun as well as practical, we stumbled across this men’s belt that rocks the Dark Knight-era Batman logo. To be clear, this thing is not like wearing a utility belt, because again, that would be super-ridiculous. Instead, this is a tasteful belt, with a gold buckle that subtly displays the Batman logo.

This is a Ratchet Belt from Barry Wang, which means it’s super-adjustable and something you can easily dress up or dress down. You can wear this with jeans while you’re playing with the kids, but you can also wear it with slacks for your next socially distanced beer with a buddy.

To be clear, this is a high-quality belt that usually sells for close to $40 bucks. Buy it for yourself, or get it as a gift. You don’t need to cosplay as Batman to feel cool, but maybe you can act like you’re Bruce Wayne from time to time.

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