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‘Pretending To Grownup’ Is A Game For Adults Who Feel Like They’re Faking Life

Getting married. Buying a house. Having a kid. No matter how many adult accomplishments you tick off your life list, it only takes one Sunday obsessing over your fantasy football lineup instead of GSD to remember that you might not be, well, totally grown up. In the ultimate of ironies, there’s now a way to embrace and/or celebrate that arrested adulthood — and naturally, it’s a card game!

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Pretending to Grownup
Designed by a couple of Canadians who clearly get the idea of faking it until you make it, Pretending To Grownup is a 2-4 player card game (8 players if you buy 2 decks) aimed at determining which of your friends is really a 55-year-old trapped in 32-year-old’s body. The game comes with 85 illustrated cards that highlight common grownup situations (“Do Your Own Taxes,” “Eat Kale,” “Master The Firm Handshake,” etc.) and 15 “Unipegasaurus” cards (part unicorn, part pegasus, part dinosaur, naturally) used to bend the rules of the game.

Players are dealt three cards and can either take on more adult responsibilities (by drawing more), challenge another player to see who’s more grown up (using the time, energy, and money numbers on each), or just try to convince everybody at the table to quit and go watch five episodes of Difficult People. Kidding, but there is a “Binge Watch” card, just so you know. In the end, you score points by being more mature/collecting more cards and the first old-soul/adult to 12 points wins.

Pretending to Grownup
To prove that you are not alone as an aspiring adult in your early 30s, Pretending to Grownup absolutely obliterated its Kickstarter goal; $137k raised on a $5K ask from almost 5,000 backers. So while it may not be released until next spring, you can obviously feel confident about pre-ordering yours today. Before, of course, you get back to deciding whether to start Philip Rivers or Eli Manning on Sunday.


  • Ages: 13+
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Number of Players: 2-4

Buy Now $26